Beautifying the Town

This month, I want to tell you about what the Haddam Garden Club does to beautify the Town of Haddam. Call us the Garden Fairies if you wish. Mid May of each year is designated as “Civic Garden Day”. It is the day we set aside to clean up and freshen the six gardens that are voluntarily maintained throughout the growing season by the volunteer members of the Haddam Garden Club.

Our club takes care of upper and lower gardens at the Haddam Town Office. The Haddam Green, in its 5th year of development, is looking stunning (if I do say so myself). The Higganum Green and Gazebo always look bright with the geraniums, grasses and spicebushes. The Transfer Station, which is a fairly young project, looks lovely in the spring with all the bulbs and plantings bursting forth. The area will look better and better as the garden matures. We take care of the plantings under the Welcome to Higganum/ Haddam signs (several of which were recently installed and maintain). The library - the stunning area by the entrance - is a blue-ribbon winner for design and looks lovely year-round. The butterfly garden on the other side of the building was more than doubled in size this year. The entire area was neatened. Plants and accouterments designed to attract butterflies were added.

At our December meeting we make fresh holiday wreaths and decorations for all of the town buildings plus the Senior Center. It amazes me every year how much the club accomplishes when we work together.

Also, The Federated Garden Club of CT gave us $200 for an oak tree to be planted in Haddam. With the Brainerd Library Director and Trustees, we decided that the backside of the library building would be the perfect spot. It was planted on June 13. Now we nurture it and wait. Imagine having that majestic tree to sit under in a few years.

The Haddam Garden Club is proudly hosting “A Garden Party by the River” on September 17 at 4 PM. Proceeds will benefit Haddam town gardens, scholarships for HK seniors, schoolyard gardens and outreach programs. Guests will be able to partake in luscious appetizers, sip fine wines chosen by experts, and enjoy a lovely location by the river. (We are intentionally not divulging the exact location to keep you in suspense).

Tickets are $30 each (adults only please) and can be reserved by contacting Lynne Cooper at

In your own gardens, remember to put supports on your plants to keep them from toppling. Keep removing dead and diseased foliage on flowers, bushes and veggies. NOW you can pull the ugly brown daffodil foliage! Deadhead flowers to prolong bloom. Feed those flowering plants with a weak solution of plant food every week or two and watch for damaging insects. To help control Japanese beetles I keep a lidded plastic deli bucket with soapy water by my raspberries and flick them into the solution at dusk or early morning. They are too active during the day.

Gypsy moths? This was another year of devastation for some trees while others were seemingly on a different planet. Natural fungus and a virus will take care of some. We will probably have them again next year but hopefully a much milder occurrence. You can go online and see how to make your own gypsy moth traps. It can’t hurt.

While the Haddam Garden Club does not meet during the summer, we will reconvene in September with renewed efforts to enhance our town.